Your Body Talks

Since I started to study META-Health in November 2011 I have been amazed several times by the intelligence of a human body. Well, those who know medicine or are from medical care might say that’s nothing new. Nevertheless, I’m not talking about the body’s physiological or bio-chemical intelligence, but how intelligently your body actually participates in everything you do and balances each situation you’re going through in your life at that precise moment. What is more, when you pay a close attention to your body’s reactions within particular situations, you learn to receive your body’s message and notice more easily e.g. when you have been feeling stressed.

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Living without Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever played with your thoughts and imagined something almost impossibly great would happen to you? Then you pulled back you thoughts “njaah, not going to happen” and continued to focus on something else. Do you realize what just happened in your thinking process? Your own thoughts (or limiting beliefs) stopped the imagination before it really progressed. What if everything is possible and the only limit is your own thinking of what you think is possible?

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Who’s Your Buddy?

About a year ago, when I started to study body-mind-emotions connections, there were a few of these “big realization moments” that strongly shaped my understanding on wellbeing today. One of such realization is that over the years we have “outsourced” our wellbeing to professionals. We rely more and more on whatever type of tests, research and analysis than what we actually feel ourselves. How could ever, another person, know better than I do, what I feel and experience myself within my own body? In fact, as I have the best possible insight into my own wellbeing, I’m the only one truly responsible for taking care of my own health. What is more, I’m the only one who’s going to live with my body all the years ahead. Professionals are clearly still needed, and by emphasizing the one’s own responsibility I simply mean I’m the ultimately responsible person for my own wellbeing and no one else.

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