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Change offers opportunities

Change is a phenomenon no one can avoid. Whether we talk about societies, communities, businesses, families or individual persons at any age groups, we all face small and bigger changes somewhere at some point of time. Or, you could say that the only thing remaining constant nowadays is the change itself – we know changes are taking place all the time.

So, how do you deal with a change then? Of course, it depends on the starting point. Did you expect or even wish a change happened or did it come unexpectedly? Was the nature of change from your perspective more positive or negative? The starting point impacts on how you position yourself mentally in the beginning of the change. While it can be hard to “think positively” especially in case big dramatic changes, the way you deal with the next steps of your change process is critical. Being aware of such mental positioning and associated emotions offers you an opportunity: while you cannot control everything in your changing environment, you have a power to choose how you think and act yourself which in turn has a major impact on how you go through the change in question.
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