Positive thoughts can change your day

There are days when everything just goes perfectly well and then the opposite days when everything or almost anything feels to go wrong. Does it sound familiar? Let me share what I have recently learned.

About a year ago a taxi driver told me a story on how his work day sometimes starts going wrong from the morning. He described me an example day when he first had a drunken passenger who didn’t have money to pay, the next passenger had ordered a taxi but didn’t show up and so on. I remember thinking then “that’s life, we all have sometimes days when things are not working out as planned”. What was more, the taxi driver had found out it usually helped him to stop and have a lunch or coffee break where after his day was then was continuing much better.
The conversion with the taxi driver came back to my mind after reading the book “Law of Attraction” in which Michael Losier describes how we can attract to ourselves either positive or negative vibrations which are influencing on their part, whether we have positive or negative experiences. Further, the author states that words we say, either to ourselves or others, impact our thoughts which in return impact our feelings. The trick the taxi driver was doing was simple: he was offsetting his negative thoughts by having a break and like starting the day from fresh with positive thoughts, and thus cutting off the negative cycle of the day.

Last week I had a good opportunity to test this myself. My morning didn’t start well and I ended up being unexpectedly in a hurry and queuing for a taxi to go to a conference. I was watching my clock nervously and starting to feel a bit embarrassed if being late. Consciously, I made a change: instead of thinking how I hate queuing and being late, I set my attention on how quickly there were new taxis coming to the taxi stop and the long queue was shortening. I convinced myself I was going to be in time, which made queuing much less painful and I wasn’t late after all. The day offered me some other challenges e.g. I lost my brand new Nokia Lumia phone, so I kept on switching my thoughts to positive ones. I met interesting people in the conference and it turned out to be quite a good day – and also got my Lumia back.

So, positive thoughts can actually change the flow of your day. How cool is that? What tricks are you already using, consciously or unconsciously, to switch your day to a positive direction?