Release your tension and stress

This year has been amazing in many ways, however, one of the most surprising findings is getting rid of stress as I didn’t do anything special. In fact, l have worked the same way as earlier, and in addition, also studied almost every weekend this year. There are a couple of things that enabled such a great unexpected change.

When studying Meta Medicine I started to learn there is a clear body-mind-emotions connection influencing in every moment. The first real insight I got when understanding that it is possible to consciously let negative feelings to go away. Or, in other words, we can decide ourselves which feelings we carry with us. Sounds quite simply, but didn’t have really thought about that earlier. After becoming aware of this I have been more sensitive to notice when any tiny feelings signalling stress are arriving to my mind and thus being able let go such negative feelings before they get piled and both my mind and body start experiencing stress symptoms.
The other great learning came up when I was emailing with my old friend and responding to her question “Has it been busy…?” by first writing “Yeah, it has been really busy…” and realising at the same time when I changed my response to “it has been perfectly busy” (as I actually enjoy my busy work environment) that I instantly felt less busy and less stressed. As I blogged previously in “Positive thoughts can change your day” words are powerful and influence your thinking and feelings – and this same applies to decreasing stress. Or, the other way round, if we constantly talk about stress and how chaotic our life is, we are actually feeling much worse cause of enforcing our feelings further by our own negative words and self-talk.

How do you deal with your stress? Do you already realise the power of your words on your own mind and body whether you speak loud or just have a quick bypassing negative thought in your mind?