Searching for a life balance or increasing your energy levels?

Sure, and so what? Aren’t we all after a healthier, balanced life and happiness? Yet, only a few of us really change their lives and rest of us keep on planning what we could do but find it hard to start a change, or after a promising start we tend to go back to our old habits.  How many times have you made promises to yourself by swearing “next time, next week, next month”…? Well, I have made many promises and only some small changes. I’m a strong believer in personal development and wellbeing, and have paid attention on doing more sports and eating healthier – the usual stuff. I felt my energy level in general was good though I was knackered every Friday evening after a hard working week and often accompanied with a headache which I blamed was a result from bad ergonomics that caused tight neck and shoulder muscles. That isn’t uncommon either, especially when spending the most of the week with your computer. So little I knew then!
Let me tell you the story and why I’m sharing this with you. Six months ago I attended in Meta Medicine introduction course in Finland and started to discover a whole new world. Meta Medicine International Association (IMMA) is collecting all latest research and knowledge, including Western medicine, Chinese medicine, latest brain research and other relevant knowledge (you name it!) on a human’s body-mind system and how our brains are orchestrating everything we do without forgetting the impact by various emotions. In more detail, our body and organs are responding unconsciously to our emotions by trying to help out the way our organs have learned to cope best during the evolution history of the human beings. Moreover, emotional shocks we have unexpectedly experienced in the past may be triggering a stress reaction that launches the sympathetic nervous system of the body and eventually leads into a recovery phase in which the body calms down from the stress with the help of parasympathetic nervous system. In this latter phase we may be feeling of pain or experience disease symptoms as the body is recovering from the stress.  One of the most common examples is a regular flu – how many times are you getting sick on the first days of a holiday when having perfect time to finally relax? Interesting, now there is a logical explanation why the flu hits exactly then and if knowing more about a trigger behind such preceding stress there should be a way to prevent the flu.

Referring back to my weekly headaches, I got rid of them with the help of an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) exercise and feeling now much more energised also on Friday evenings. Well, needless to say I became really interested in exploring holistic wellbeing from the mind-body-emotions perspective and I’m now studying Meta Medicine and other related stuff. I’m not a health care professional so everything I’m blogging here is written from a regular person’s point of view, and thus is based on my subjective understanding, own experiences, thoughts and findings. There is more to discover and share!

– Sari Ilvonen –