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Release your tension and stress

This year has been amazing in many ways, however, one of the most surprising findings is getting rid of stress as I didn’t do anything special. In fact, l have worked the same way as earlier, and in addition, also studied almost every weekend this year. There are a couple of things that enabled such a great unexpected change.

When studying Meta Medicine I started to learn there is a clear body-mind-emotions connection influencing in every moment. The first real insight I got when understanding that it is possible to consciously let negative feelings to go away. Or, in other words, we can decide ourselves which feelings we carry with us. Sounds quite simply, but didn’t have really thought about that earlier. After becoming aware of this I have been more sensitive to notice when any tiny feelings signalling stress are arriving to my mind and thus being able let go such negative feelings before they get piled and both my mind and body start experiencing stress symptoms.
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Positive thoughts can change your day

There are days when everything just goes perfectly well and then the opposite days when everything or almost anything feels to go wrong. Does it sound familiar? Let me share what I have recently learned.

About a year ago a taxi driver told me a story on how his work day sometimes starts going wrong from the morning. He described me an example day when he first had a drunken passenger who didn’t have money to pay, the next passenger had ordered a taxi but didn’t show up and so on. I remember thinking then “that’s life, we all have sometimes days when things are not working out as planned”. What was more, the taxi driver had found out it usually helped him to stop and have a lunch or coffee break where after his day was then was continuing much better.
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Searching for a life balance or increasing your energy levels?

Sure, and so what? Aren’t we all after a healthier, balanced life and happiness? Yet, only a few of us really change their lives and rest of us keep on planning what we could do but find it hard to start a change, or after a promising start we tend to go back to our old habits.  How many times have you made promises to yourself by swearing “next time, next week, next month”…? Well, I have made many promises and only some small changes. I’m a strong believer in personal development and wellbeing, and have paid attention on doing more sports and eating healthier – the usual stuff. I felt my energy level in general was good though I was knackered every Friday evening after a hard working week and often accompanied with a headache which I blamed was a result from bad ergonomics that caused tight neck and shoulder muscles. That isn’t uncommon either, especially when spending the most of the week with your computer. So little I knew then!
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