Your Body Talks

Since I started to study META-Health in November 2011 I have been amazed several times by the intelligence of a human body. Well, those who know medicine or are from medical care might say that’s nothing new. Nevertheless, I’m not talking about the body’s physiological or bio-chemical intelligence, but how intelligently your body actually participates in everything you do and balances each situation you’re going through in your life at that precise moment. What is more, when you pay a close attention to your body’s reactions within particular situations, you learn to receive your body’s message and notice more easily e.g. when you have been feeling stressed.

To elaborate a bit more, let me give you a couple of examples of my own experiences on the body’s messages. First, I had a call with an insurance company which I felt a bit irritated about both in advance and during the call. After the call I got a headache that I typically never have on the mornings and it lasted only less than 15 minutes. Clearly the call had been stressing me and my body took part of the tension. Another example was after a tiny argument with my husband on a topic that I cannot even remember anymore. We concluded that argument and I went to stretch on a sofa. Suddenly I noticed tiny but a clear tickling on my right arm without any reason and realized my arm had “participated” on taking its part of the argument. The third example: I went to a reflexology who found a sore spot on my toe. Such spot was the “ear” acupressure point and I wasn’t surprised that it was sore – I had been listening actively a customer that whole day prior coming to the reflexology so no wonder my toe was still keeping such extra tension of listening.

Most of the time, we are too busy to slow down and just listen to our own body which could enable us to notice how brilliantly it is working for our benefit every moment. When knowing how the body, mind and emotions relate together, it is then relatively easy to start listening and understanding your body’s messages and learn something new about yourself every day. For me such learning started to open up by META-Health studies and if you interested to read more information on META-Health check out Literally, your body talks to you and the question is whether you listen to your body or not.