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Who’s Your Buddy?

About a year ago, when I started to study body-mind-emotions connections, there were a few of these “big realization moments” that strongly shaped my understanding on wellbeing today. One of such realization is that over the years we have “outsourced” our wellbeing to professionals. We rely more and more on whatever type of tests, research and analysis than what we actually feel ourselves. How could ever, another person, know better than I do, what I feel and experience myself within my own body? In fact, as I have the best possible insight into my own wellbeing, I’m the only one truly responsible for taking care of my own health. What is more, I’m the only one who’s going to live with my body all the years ahead. Professionals are clearly still needed, and by emphasizing the one’s own responsibility I simply mean I’m the ultimately responsible person for my own wellbeing and no one else.

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Create positive energy by listening

“Sorry, could you repeat, what did you say…?”  Hmm. How annoying it is to repeat what you said when knowing a person to whom you talked to just wasn’t paying attention on what you were saying. Or, when you’re trying to get your message through, the other person just constantly misses the point you’re trying to make. In the worst case, the situation leads into an argument in which the two persons simply do not understand each other and if you were a fly on the wall, you might like to give an advice “hey guys just listen first and talk then”.

There are 3 simple steps to become a better listener. Firstly, stop your own hurry and thinking of what next and what message you’re going to bring into a discussion. Secondly, listen what the other person is trying to say. I mean, do not listen only the words but actually the meaning behind those words.  You can mentally step into the shoes of the other person to really understand the point. Thirdly, confirm with the other person if you understood the message right.
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Positive thoughts can change your day

There are days when everything just goes perfectly well and then the opposite days when everything or almost anything feels to go wrong. Does it sound familiar? Let me share what I have recently learned.

About a year ago a taxi driver told me a story on how his work day sometimes starts going wrong from the morning. He described me an example day when he first had a drunken passenger who didn’t have money to pay, the next passenger had ordered a taxi but didn’t show up and so on. I remember thinking then “that’s life, we all have sometimes days when things are not working out as planned”. What was more, the taxi driver had found out it usually helped him to stop and have a lunch or coffee break where after his day was then was continuing much better.
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